Dutch Jet Team -> Meet the Team of 2007

Team Captain

Ben Jansen

Soon to be Jet pilot.
Acted as interim Team Captain for the Dutch Jet Team at JWM2005 in Hungary.
Passion for scale F-16 and turboprop Air Tractors.


Han Kleijn

Started to fly R/C helicopter in 2000.
Visited JWM 2001 in Thailand and got hooked.
Started to fly fixed wing and jet in 2002. Competed in Hungary 2005 flying his BVM Super Sabre 100D.
Passionate about everything with turbines...

BVM F-100 Super Sabre

15.5 Kg

Hans Hochgemuth

Flying R/C for about 30 years.
Flying jets since 2003.
Very accurate scale builder and gifted pilot.
Was caller for Han in JWM2005 in Hungary.

Skymaster BAe Hawk T1

11 Kg

Derk van de Vecht

Probably learned to fly before he could walk.
Very active and succesfull in Indoor Aerobatics.
'Converted' to jets in 2006.
Will fly the F-16 of Marijn Penninx.

JetTeam F-16A

19.5 Kg

Wim Lescrauwaet

Airworld F9F Panther

19.8 Kg


Donald van Tongeren

Marijn Penninx

Dick van de Vecht

Bert van de Vecht

Joan Gordijn

Ali Lescrauwaet