Friday 19 - Static and start flight round 1
The morning started early, in a newly addopted JWM tradition, the morning dip. What better place then the Dead Sea to have a nice swim/float at 07.00 in the morning (yes, AM). And only 34 degrees out, it could be worse. Then, after 2 showers, one at the beach, one in the room, time for breakfast, and over to the airfield.
The day started with more static judging, and as start of the flying rounds, 2 demo flights by Marc Frohn from Germany. This took till lunch, upon which it was decided to resume flight operations at 15.00.

Lunch was interesting, for the judges group there was a very nice Pita bread stuffed with some salad. Bill Grimsley, judge from Scotland turned out to be less of a vegetarian then everyone for years thought him to be. Steam, ears, you get the picture.
Not to long there after, the hamburgers and hotdogs made it to the table, unfortunately, Bill was not to be found anymore. Needless to say, in the evening, having no lunch, he was hungry, and ready to devour a horse. And he did, in the shape of a large XXL hamburger, and he finished it, veggies and all...

After lunch, at 15.00 the flying started with the winner of the previous Jet World Masters, Stephan Völker from Germany. Eight pilots have flown today, Paul Dunkley from Great Brittain was the last one. His T-45 is my favorite at the show, for many reasons, and I was lucky to be away from the computer just in time to see his flight.

After the flying, a teammanagers meeting was held, and afterwards everyone left the airport early. Most are getting ready for a tour to Jeruzalem, others (I will not give names...) might stay behind and enjoy the pleasures of a pool.
Te german team went ahead and gave a very nice airshow on the parkinglot at the hotel with 3 T-28 Trojans.
A nice dinner again in a nice little nearby reastaurant concluded the day. Weekend, at last.

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