Saturday June 20 - Rest day
Saturday was a day off from the competition. Not because the competitors needed a break, the competiotion has barely started, but, although this seems to be a modern country, on Saturdays everything is closed, even ElAl is not flying. Oh well...

The day started early, at 07.15 for the morning dipin the Dead Sea. It had been a short night, after some heated discussions on the bonus system, which lasted till 03.20. Due to the scheduled Jeruzalem excursion, no other JWM'ers were out there. I planned on a relaxed day, so I skipped the Jeruzalem trip.
After a good 20 minute float (sorry, still no pictures ;-) ) it was time for breakfast, and a quick trip to the airport. This, since the hotel internet (only in the lobby/lounge) cuts out when trying to upload pictures. On the airport, it was all quiet, a security guy that did not notice me at first, but shortly there where 2 guests, 2 MLA's came taxying in. The pilots had flown from TelAviv in the early morning, and would continue to do breakfast in Beer'sheva.
I, in the meantime, found the network working, and the airco switched off. The management tent was like a sauna...

On the way home I made some pictures of the area around the airport and the resort. After that, I spend the day at the pool, nicely in the shade under a tree, not 8 meter away from the pool. I think that is how holiday was meant to be in the first place.

I did shoot some Dead Sea beach pictures, just to get a nice impression. In the evening, when the bus returned from Jeruzalem, it was time for diner, and for a change, early to bed.


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