Sunday June 21 - Finish static and flight round 1
Today the competition went ahead full speed. A time schedule has been made (advantage of low amount of pilots) and the static judging came to a close before lunch. I was starting to enter the scores in the program, with assistance of AnneMarie Lehnerts, wife of the South African judge. The promissed assistants are not arrived yet or something, so we just make it work as we go along.
The coring is only interupted every 10 minutes where a lot of people are talking (sometimes) or screaming/fighting (often). Do not underestimate the stress for the organizing team for such event, these are not professional organizers, all volunteers. I was able to leave the tent for lunch and for 10 minutes when the South African team had to fly. But when the teammeeting started 30 minutes after the last flight finished, the static scores and flight 1 scores where processed. See also the scores chapter.

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