Monday June 22 - Startof flying round 2 and visit Masada
This morning a normal start with a 'float 'n soak' in the dead sea. Slight delay in the program, since mr. Burns from Australia missed the appointment at 07.00.
After breakfast back to the airfield where at 10 am the flight round 2 started. I made use of this day to sort out the backlog of the photo's after a day of scoring, sight seeing and partying. Due to the sheer amount of pictures, this took some hours. There should be easier ways ;-)

Right after lunch, Dave Burns from Australia and myself went on our way to Masada. This is a long drive of almost 4 minutes. Since I could not convince Dave of the beauty and necessity to walk up the snake path, we went for the cable car...
On top of Masada, the view is breathtaking. So is the temperature up there, due to blazing sun and no wind (there is wind in the valley at the airport), each flight of stairs was not pleasant. In the 1.5 hr visit I must have consumed 2 liters of fluids. Still, the view is great, even the jets could be seen from Masada (but only just).

By 16.00 we were back at the airport, the flight program was in full swing. The flying was done at 17.30, shortly after we did the daily teammanager meeting. After that the troops left, and the airport was left almost abandoned, by 8 the light outsite went dim and the wind was picking up strongly. Sitting in a tent, with a cold airco on full power, combined with the gusts of wind trying to lift the tent of it's fundaments, it feld like home on a nasty autum storm day; When going home, stepping out of the cold tent, the warm wind embraces the cold bones... Very pleasant, to be out this time of day.

Since all left much earlier, I planned to treat myself to Burger King, also since it is fast, so I could process the pictures of today, and go to bed early. Unfortunately, them idiots decided that today was a good day to close early.
So I went to our normal restaurant, and had diner. After returning to the hotel lobby, exchanging and sorting pictures, writing this report, it is again 01.30. Start to notice a sensation of tiredness some moments of the day.

Long day on Tuesday, have to start AND finish round 2 scoring, with less then an hour between the last flight, and the departure of the bus for the Airbase excursion (from the hotel). Oh well, it's all for the hobby, right...?

Ben Jansen