Thursday June 25 - Finish round 3 and closing ceremony
Today the last day of the competition. The scores are tight, only a few points different. Due to the busy schedule, and the weird phenomanah that when one plans to leave the bar to go to sleep before 24.00, funny enough, one does not make it to the elevators before 01.30. This morning I slept in till 08.40 and went straight for breakfast.

With help of Dave Burns from Australia I entered the scores in the program. The program works fine, luckily ;-). The assistants that should have been provided are still missing...

After the first break, the last 3 pilots, Vitaly Robertus, Thomas Gleisner and Stefan Volker, needed to fly, so the scoring had to wait a little. After the final flights, a last teammanager meeting was held, also to determin the details for the closing party. Funny enough, 6 hrs before, the was no arrangements...

After the meeting, Dave and myself enetered the last scores, it was hard to get a quiet moment in the management tent, any people running arround, lots of shouting and , israeli style, loud and passioned discussions. Loud and passioned, these discussions, fun and animating when one can sit back and watch the 'show', but when one has to concentrate, so at the least the behavior is pretty annoying.

After the scoring, and to print the results, I went back to the hotel around 15.00. Swimming pool, also good. By 17.00 we had to prepare again for the closing ceremony.

The ceremony was fairly in time, and was nice. The cups where presented by the mayor and other VIPs. Stefan Volker from Germany won the price in the 20 Kg class and Peter Rutimann from Switzerland won the 13.5 Kg class. While the German hymn was played, Marc Froehn from Composite-arf, together with the Robbe team, went up with their planes (J-10 for Robbe team, and Hawk for Marc) and performed a beautifull break over the ceremnony. That look really impressive.

Afterwards I went with the German team to a very nice japanese restaurant, on invitation by the DMFV (the German modelflying association). It was very good food, sushi and nudels, but also salmon, chicken, and most important, STEAK!!!

On the airport was a party organised (free BBQ for 75 NIS...???), and 'organised' about 6 hours before, so most teammembers made other arrangements.

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