Friday June 26 - Airshow
On friday, the day after the JWM, a great airshow was organised. Several of the JWM pilots participated, and showed great flying. Also a large number of Israeli pilots where invited, and it was a very good show. Nice variety of airplanes, big and small, and very good flying. Also some #D flying by a 7 year old, he even flew the plane with the radio behind his back.

Thomas Gleisner demonstrated his MB-339 very impressive. Paul Dunkley from Great Brittain, his airplane being favorite by many, did a nice demo, unfortunately somewhere he lost his top cover.

The airshow went on all day till about 15.30. It was a very nice show, but warm ;-).

By 17.00 I was back in the hotel. We had our minds set to steak, unfortunately, the steakhouse was closed. Actually, many things close down on friday evening and Saturday, part of the religion. Pretty annoying though, since there are no fried eggs or anything cooked on Sabbath, so breakfast was pretty limited. Even in our so-called international 5-star hotel. Since even the operation of a lift is prohinited, one of the lifts will operate in an automated manner, it stops on every floor, no need (or use) to press buttons. Oh well...

There was more aggrevation, since several people where victim of creditcard scams, many lost several 1000 euro. Strong suspicion goes toward the travel agengy that booked our rooms (and took very detailed creditcard details...).
Luckily the hotelmanager of the Royal Hotel was very helpfull (NOT!!!), he dissapeared within an hour, while the notified police arrived after 4 hours, close to 24.00, although the promisse was 10-15 minutes. The reports where ready close to 02.00, in Hebrew...
Funny enough, since most blocked their cards, one person, when checking out on the following saturday morning, and asked to have send a bill home since the card was blocked, the police was called by the same hotelmanager, and now they arrived within 15 minutes...

(Pictures by Dave Burns, Shira Horesh and Ben Jansen)


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