Sunday June 28 - Return home
On Sunday 28 I was scheduled to fly home. The saturday, after the annoyiong and frustrating start at breakfast, went leasurely calm, by the pool. In the evening s diner was scheduled at the usual joint.

Sunday I was up real early, and spend over an hour in the dead sea, together with Reto Senn and his wife from Switzerland. Before 07.00 the light is really beautiful, and the water cool (34C.), so that was very relaxed.

After breakfast (yes, omelet...) it was time to say goodbuye, severla people where leaving. I proceeded to pack my stuff, and left the hotel by 11.30.

I visited the event site, and all the tents and bleachers had been removed, it was just littered with garbage. Unreall, to see the empty fiel like that.

I conitinued the drive to Telaviv, via the north of the dead Sea and Jeruzalem. Security at Ben Gurion was strict (3 checks), but amazing, the security personal was very friendly. The home flight went by fast, and after a 45 minute trainride, this adventure is closed.

Next mission, the 9th Jet World Masters in Dayton, Ohio, 2011.


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