Sunday June 21 - Nations Night
After a very quick shower, it was time to go to a bar down the road for another tradition in Jet World Masters, the Nations Night. This is a party where representatives of each country get the opportunity to present gifts to the organizers. Each nation brought gifts, Avi was presented with many nice gifts, among others a russion fur hat (keeps the brain from freezing....), a cap in the shape of a bull, a delfts blauw 'wooden' shoe, filled with Haagse Hopjes (google it...) and by the israeli team, yet another mobile phone, since the other 3 that Avi used all day long might not be sufficiant...
(as an observation, the average israeli loves mobile phones, and they can be seen on a or more phone almost continiously)
The theme of the evening was israeli food. During the evening the tables where filled with local food. Needless to say that also the bar did good business. To bad the food was ony appetizers, several people went home for a burger early.

One item on the agenda is the combat drinking contest. For this each nation will bring some sample of their finest or most hiddious spirits, which will be tatsed by the contestants, and then they have to idenify one of these 5 selected drink blindfolded. Michelle Dunkley of Great Brittain was volunteered (actually, needed some convincing, I shuffed her with bar seat and all to the podium...). The German Team unanimous send their teammanger Evi. Graham Kennedy and Peter Weiss represented the judges group.

At around 24.00 I was in the hotel again, some went on finishing the combat drinking stock till after 04.00...


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