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. Sunday July 24 and Monday July 25

Departure from Amsterdam was scheduled at 13.10 on Sunday juli 24. Upon arriving at Schiphol, we found the plane delayed for more then 4 hrs. This gave plennty time to shop, and drink coffee, eat something, drink coffee...

The plane was packed, but for the rest the flight went okay. Arrival in detroit caused more delays, immigration process was slow. It took almost an hour to get throgh, then another half hor to get the car, and then it was a 4 hour drive to the hotel.
When I arrived at the hotel, no sign of Bert and Kitty, thay had stayed behind in Detroit. I did meet Jim, the safety officer, and he told me what happened that day. A microburst blew away the big tent, and there was a lot of damage. @ people where hurt and rushed into hospital, luckilly it turned out okay. Severeal models had damage.

After a refreshing 5 hour sleep, time to go to the field and see for myself. The blown away tent was cleared away. Later that they the tent company came to build up other tents.
The models, most of them now parked in the museum, where checked and several, including Derk and his dad and uncle, started repair work on the jets, while others unpacked, build up, and stared tesing and training flights.
The weather is really warm, about 30+ and really humid. They say less warm then last week. Hmmm.

Had a first glimpse of the museum, and wow, what a great collection, they got many planes, including the big ones. I found the global hawk impressive, but also the B-1 and B-2 bombers. Will go back soon to see the museum, now I was more on my way to locations.

Back in the hotel at 18.00, diner, some beer, and then room to update website.