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. Tuesday Juli 26

Tuesday was another preparation/registration day. All the judges have arrived now. After a quick dip in the pool, breakfast, and the managers meeting I went to the museum with Achim Keufner.
We had lunch at the museum with the judges, after which a meeting/briefing took place in the museum conference room, with great view over the exhibition. After the meeting we continued the museum tour, the museum is basically way to big to see in one day. Later in the week we will have the museum for an evening to our self, no other audience roaming around.

At the end of the day, after many pilots did practice and calibration flights, we had the second team managers meeting, including the country draw to create the start order. The agenda for the next few days:
Wednesday 13:00 opening ceremony
Wednesday 18:00 opening party
Thursday 09:00 Start static judging
Friday 10:00 Start flight round 1

Unfortunately, the Hawker Hunter of Reto Senn crashed. The exhaust pipe came loose and blew out to the rear, after which the hot exhaust gas damaged the wires and servo's, which caused it to crash. It is totally gone, after 65 successful flight in the past 3 years.

After the storm event on Sunday, the event site is fully operational, new tents in place, static judging tent is set up, including airco. Ready to start the competition.

After starting the start order list, I went back to the hotel, had a shower, and had diner with many others at the Texas Roadhouse. Not hungry anymore.