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. Wednesday Juli 27

Today was a full day at the airfield. In the morning, after a quick dip in the pool at 06:45, breakfast at 07:30, early to the field to be ready for the manager meeting. After that meeting I had to go prepare the start order.

By 12:30 we all collected in best uniforms to get ready for the opening at 13:00. Al countries marched in and stood with their flag. Then a bunch of speeches where held, by Roger and others. This went on for 45 minutes, the last speech being stalled since we had to await the fly-by of two F-16's. Meanwhile we where all out in the full sun, so it did not take long before people really started to become distracted while the last speaker had to kill 10 minutes for the flight to take place. The F-16's finally came (on time) but they did not drop to the minimal 1000', they where high at 2000. After that, everyone rushed in to the cooled tent.

Then all planes collected in the free-span tent for the judges overview. Al planes are put together by type, so the judges can see what to expect and determine best and worst plane. This prepares them for the static judging.

After this, many pilots flew training flights. Tomorrow (Thursday) static judging will start.

For the Dutch team, it was a busy day. Derk and family came back from Muncie, a place 2 hrs drive away where another competition takes place, and Derk, and some others fly in both.
Marijn and Gerald spend all day to try to get their planes out of customs, this was unsuccessful. A form is missing, or a signature is missing, a lot of red tape holding back the delivery. They will continue tomorrow, also since it's the last practice day.

In the evening, at 18.00, a buffet was offered, and many ate at the airfield. It was a nice evening, and by 08.30 we where back at the hotel. After a swim in the pool. time to do photo's and hopefully, go to sleep in time.