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. Thursday Juli 28

Long but satisfying day. After a good night sleep, early to the airfield where practice flying commenced. At 09.00 static judging started, the first 15 planes have past the tables.
In the morning I went with Bert and Kitty to the museum to drop them off, but not after we had a look at the outside parked airplanes.

The rest of the day I observed the flight operations. In the morning the releaving news arrived that Marijn and Geralds planes where released and ready to be picked up. This was good news, now the planes could be build up and get ready to fly.
Gerald was scheduled for static, but due to late arrivel beyond his control, was granted a delay for static, he now will be the first tomorrow morning at 09.00. After succesfully passing a test since he has a home build engine, hence additional checks needed, he made 2 succesful flights.
Between the flights the almost complete team was filmed for introduction for the JWM2011 dvd.

Also Derk has flown his F-16 today. He will have to go back to Muncie to fly in the F3A competition, but will be back in time for his static and flight.

Many planes flew today, no real big issues today. Some aircraft have been offered for safety checks and failed, so some pilots have some fixin' to do.

Marijn's F-16 is assembled, and will hopefully make a flight early in the morning. Flight rounds is scheduled to start at 09.30 with 2 calibration flights, and then Taiwan pilot Kuo-Lung Chen will start the flight sequence at 10.00. Most likely also Gerald will fly tomorrow afternoon.

Left the field at 19.00, and see that there was a fleet of police cruisers with flashing light next to the gate, arresting some 2 or 3 guys. After a quick shower, diner with several judges.
Called Burnsy from down under, he informed us he developed a fear of flying, and an allergic reaction to scottisch judges, so he would not come... Diner was good, we drank Burnsy's beer.