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. Friday Juli 29

Hectic day today. It started out okay, with a nice and good breakfast. When arriving at the field at around 9ish, everything was in full swing.
Gerald was preparing for static judging, he was the first plane of the day, Marijn was in full swing to work on his bird, and Derk was again in Muncie, Arizona. I assisted Gerald with his static, which is heavy work, since the plane needs to be presented in every direction, and for top and bottom view it requires the plane to be hold up and turned towards the judges. The judges at the first table focus most on outside shapes and details, the second table is more for little details. The documentation was done very nice, this, in combination with the great workmanship done by Gerald on the plane, also the fact that Gerald build the complete plane including engine and gear himself made a good impression on the judges.

In between I started to setup my office, since a stack of sheets have collected now to be processed. Also flight round 1 has started, and later in the day, Gerald had to fly. We had just collected Derks plane, and now Gerald and his Caller Marijn needed to be at the flight line. David Büsken, team manager of the German team was asked to help out, and the static was done with minimal documentation, since most documentation was gone due to the storm of Sunday before.

The flight of Gerald did not go according to plan. When he had just started his engine, and taxied out, the plane drove in a circle, it turned out that a linkage at the nose wheel had come loose. This could not be fixed in the allotted flight time and the first flight was canceled, which also means no score.

Marijn worked hard on his plane, and this resulted that at the end of the day, he was ready to do a test flight. Marijn has flown a plane at a JWM location! Weight is still an issue, but work on the plane continues. Tomorrow Marijn will have his turn for the first flight round, and later tomorrow to do his static. Derk might need to fly in the afternoon.

After a team managers meeting, we went to the museum. Although anticipated by many, no planes where opened to sit in. After some looking around in the almost empty museum, which is nice to not have some many people around, a quick diner at Burger king, a quick swim (there was a bus load of school kids in the pool) an almost early night. .