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. Saturday Juli 30

Long day today. The competition id going along pretty much without to many issues. Flight round 1 is still on schedule, some pilots have dropped out. Static judging was finished at 18.30 today, so I left the field way after 19.30.

In the morning I started with the score input, together with Kitty Hazeborg. After lunch this task was taken over by Steve and Paula. About 2/3 of all score sheets are in the system. This work will continue tomorrow, since we expect flight 1 to be finished by lunch time.

Today the day started with rain, but luckily not much, and not long. Yesterday evening we had a few good rain showers and thunder storms. It was a tat cooler today, but later in the day that was not noticeable.

At 14.00 we interrupted the scoring to see Derk fly his first flight. He had a good flight.
Marijn was granted another delay, he has been put in the end of line on both static and flying in order to get his plane ready, he needed to find over 200 grams to take out of the plane. When Static started at 17.30, he had 40 gram to spare. He is scheduled to fly just before lunch tomorrow...

Today not so many pictures, both Achim and myself have been busy. This evening I had to restore the webpage, for some reason the 2011 page was gone. So, it's again a little later as planned.