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. Monday August 1

Monday was a full day for the Dutch Jet team. All pilots needed to fly, starting with Gerald. After some difficulty at startup (a fuel hose came loose) he finished his first flight. Gerald was a little nervous but did fly okay, assisted very well by caller Bert van der Vecht.
Later that day Marijn made his second flight, it looks like he is enjoying the competition. His flight went really well.
The very last flight of the day was Derk van der Vecht, also that flight went okay.

Today was the second round, it will be finished in the afternoon on Tuesday. There where no incidents, the weather is warm, but al little less humid, so a good flying day. During the breaks very good flying demo's are presented.

Monday evening by 17.00 the field was abandoned, everyone rushed to the hotel to get ready for Nation Night.
Nation Night is the evening where the teams have diner together, in this case in the museum under the B-52 and the F-22. The teams will also bring gifts from the countries for the organizers. The team managers did little speeches, it was a very good time. Later that evening the Combat Drinking competition took place, but I was not present anymore so I have no update on that. The diner and speeches made it a very good Nations Night, as with the rest of the event, very well organized, a big thank you from the Dutch Jet Team to the Organizers and all volunteers staff who put together a great event.
Thank you.