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. Wednesday August 3

Round 3 has started today, it was a slow program since several pilots dropped out already. Still, had lots to do and did not make many pictures. In the morning there was a heavy overcast and it had been raining so all was wet. Luckily during the day it cleared p and no rain.

In the afternoon I met Don Schmenk, he was the pilot of the actual plane being build by Hans Hochgemuth for JWM2013. It is an F-100 Super Sabre, the SM580. Don flew this plane during Vietnam war.

At 17.00 after the flyiong Achim and myself went to a nearby large shopping mall, but there was no busines for us. After driving back to Fairborn, some shopping took place (we like Wallmart) and Achim treated me on a diner at a steakhouse.

\ At 20.00 we were assembled for the IJMC meeting, the Swiss organizers presented the location and setup for JWM2013. See more details on http://jwm2013.com
Presentation was great, looking forward to it.
After a swim and soak of an half hour, and a drink in the bar, time to go to the room (and do pictures before sleeping, it's 01.06 now)