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. Thursday August 4

Today went by real quick. I guess that was also due to the late start, it was 08.00 when I woke up, then a easy breakfast with some conversation, so Achim and I where only first at 0930 at the airfield.
The morning program was short, so lunch was in time. After lunch I did scoring with Kitty, and tested again the program to make sure it functions properly. It looks good.
At the end of the day only 7 pilots are left, the top 7 in the ranking will fly tomorrow for the championship. We should be done by lunch.

After work Achim and I went on a drive through Dayton, but there was not much to see. Many empty abandoned houses.
We had a great diner at the Olive Garden, an Italian restaurant in the mall behind the hotel. Great food, if your ever in Fairborn, go there.

Getting ready for the last competition day. Almost done.