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. Friday August 5

Last day of the competition, in the morning the final 6 pilots are to fly, the ones that are currently highest ranked in the competition. Weather is good, not to much hot bright sun, still a bit humid though/
The flights went all okay. During the morning Irania from the Olive Garden came to visit, she was impressed by the models and the flying.

The scores where finished with help of Kitty Hazeborg and Paula Collins, and in the later afternoon Achim assisted in filing the pilot binders. These binders and the results of the competition will be presented tomorrow evening during the evening banquet and closing ceremony.
End of the afternoon, a quick visit to RC Hobbycenter to pick up the 11x radio.
After a good steak at the Olive Garden (can really recommend that lace) home by 21.30, and quickly doing the web update. Getting tired...