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. Saturday August 6

Last day of the JWM2011.
Since the competition is done, Achim and I decided to go to the museum as soon as it opened to be in the first bus to the X-planes and presidential planes. These are on the active part of the airbase, hence strict security measures.
Many interesting planes here, definitely a must see. Very rare planes, the biggest being the North American XB-70 Valkyrie, a large supersonic bomber of which 2 are build and only one remains.
A very nice surprise was to find a Piper PA-48 Enforcer, a newly designed plane based on the Mustang, but with a turboprop.

After a walk through SAM26000, the airplane that acted as Air Force One for President Kennedy, we went back to the museum. After a quick last look around and some souvenir shopping we went back the event site. At 15.00 Achim and I left for a military Vehicle show, opposite of the hotel.

After a swim and shower, it was time to go to the museum for the banquet and the closing ceremony.
It was a nice evening, the US Air Force band played for some time, diner was nice, and the ceremony went okay. It does take a long time before everyone has received all rewards.
At the end the flags went down, and the IJMC flag was offered to the Swiss organizer, JWM2011 is closed, now we get ready for JWM2013 in Switzerland.

On behalf of the Dutch Jet Team, a big thank you to the organizers, this event ran really smooth, everything was in place, and even the major setback with the microburst had little effect on the team and the event.
Special thanks to Dewey Davenport, who spent so much time in getting this organized. Also the team of the museum, with David Thomas, who facilitated the event and was always on the lookout to improve on things.
I also want to thank Johnnie Andrews, Andy Andrews and of course Jacy Andrews, who helped out wherever they could, and were always in a cheerful mood. Great people.

. Final Scores Netherlands Team
. 13.5 Kg Class Derk van der Vecht Rank 6 (off 14) 2377.38
. 20 Kg Class Gerald Rutten Rank 7 (off 34) 2601.63
. 20 Kg Class Marijn Penninx Rank 22 (off 34) 2399.00
. Nations Trophy Gerald Rutten
Marijn Penninx
Derk van der Vecht
Rank 5 (off 14) 7378.00
. Team Trophy Pilot Derk van der Vecht
Constructor Gerald Rutten
Rank 3 (off 3) 2377.38
. Static Gerald Rutten Rank 3 (off 48) 1353.25
. Static Marijn Penninx Rank 18 (off 48) 1216.25
. Static Derk van der Vecht Rank 28 (off 48) 1130.25
. Highest flight score Gerald Rutten Rank 13 (off 48) 2507.5
. Highest flight score Derk van der Vecht Rank 22 (off 48) 2430.0
. Highest flight score Marijn Penninx Rank 33 (off 48) 2332.5