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. Tuesday August 20 2013

The journey to Switzerland starts at 08.14, after loading a plane and lots of food in 3 cars. The trip is smooth, and arriving at the house in the swiss mountains at 17.45 after 874 Km.

. Wednesday August 21 2013

Wednesday is the first registragtion day, and the first of 4 planes for the dutch team is at the airfield. The other three are expected at the end of Thursday, if all goes well.
In the morning it is very quiet at the airfield and hangar, but during the day more and more teams arrive, several by car, but several by plane and train. Those can only hope to find all crates with planes and parts, tools and documentation. Some of these was missing...

After putting together the F-100, of to the safety check. Franz Walti was assigned the reponsibility to check all planes. As we where early, ther was only a short half hour wait. The safety check went real fast, and then time for coffee and lunch.,P. At 13:00 there was the first pilot safety briefing, most pilots are not used to fly with a big mountain in the background, and then there is also this 25 m tree in the middle of the flying area...
The runway is 25m wide, and 300 meter long, and a lot of grass next to it for emergengy. Unfortunaly, in the grass are also lights and obstacles, and in the afternoon training session Jean-Piere Zardini of the Belgium team, after sy=uffering a flame out and a succesful downwind landing, drove of the runway into the grass only to find a lamp. Some severe damage to his plane was the result.

In the afternoon there was a lot of turbulent wind, not many pilots flew, but Vitaly Rubertus, JWM2011 20Kg winner was doing many practice flights with his training plane.

The day concluded with the first teammanagers meeting. Most contenders have arrived, some are still to arrive, including 3 of the Dutch team.