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. Sunday August 25 2013

Although it was predicted to be a rainy day, the day started with scattered clouds, blue sky and sunshine. The fun effect of a fohn, the atmosphere moving between mountains.
As the morning progest, with an early start for the Dutch team, as the last plane needed to be staticly judged, and this and another Dutch plane needed to perform a test flight, the weather, altogh cooling slightly and more cloudy, stayed very well. No rain all day.

At 11 o'clock a calibration flight was scheduled for the judges. After the noon break, no flying between 12 and 13 hours, the flight round 1 could start. The Dutch F-100 was the 4th plane to fly.
Unfortunately, we lost another plane, the Sukhoi SU-47 of Peter Cmyral of team Austria, a crash after an engine flameout.
Earlier that day the Finnish MB-339 had a nose gear incident.

It was a very succesfull competition day, including some demo's of aerobatics and a very nice performance of an Antonov An-224 and the Buran shuttle.