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. Monday August 26 2013

Monday was a competition day to remeber. The flying round progressed according to plan, the weather was nice, blue sky, little wind. Unfortunately two more planes were lost, one of the 5 Chinese L-15's lost a control surface in midflight, which caused the plane to be fairly uncontrolable. Also the a Finnish BAe Hawk was lost, due to instant loss of all control, and a fatal crash followed. The Dutch F-15 escaped, it had a flameout, but Marijn Penninx was able to flare the plane into the ong grass, 5m before the runway. There was very minor damage.
Another Finnish plane, the F-18 had a hard landing, and it damaged the main landing gear. Some repairs needed, it should fly again in round 2.

A dispute was settled today, the russian team filed an official complain against the Italian team. An arbitrage committee was formed, and after due Due Diligence, hearing all arguments, the complaint was ruled out. Both parties shook hands.

In the evening the nation night took place, live music and buffet, and all countries presented presents to the organisers.