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. Wednesday August 28 2013

Wednesday was a full flying day. Round 2 started, with delay after the rainy Tuesday afternoon. The speed went up and many pilots flew, so round 2 was nicely on it's way.

At the IJMC meeting in the evening, the agenda included selection of the site for the 2015 JWM. China (Hong Kong) did a presentation as did the Germans. The Hong Kong site was a small, tight, model airfield built onto the side of a mountain. The overfly area was rough and had obstacles, the runway was 200m x 30m with fencing and going off the side of the runway would but you into a ditch. In other words, if you landed and stopped anywhere other than the paved runway, it would only be a question of how much damage your plane would suffer. An off-field landing would likely result in complete destruction. The Chinese also didn't have the infrastructure or organizational practice or funding and significant additional assistance would be required from the IJMC. The Germans were presenting a site in southern Germany (about 140 km from Munich and 170 km from Zurich) on land completely owned by a prince which included a private full-scale airfield with plenty of grass surrounding the runway. Seventeen countries attended the meeting and the vote was Germany: 16, China-Hong Kong: 1