Dutch Jet Team -> Jet World Masters 2013 -> JWM qualifier AFB. Deelen 14 Oct. 2012
. JWM Qualifier 14 October 2012, AFB Deelen

As it became apparent during 2012 that due to the European location many more pilots would be interested in competing in the Jet World Masters 2013, it was needed to organize a qualifier.
For the qualifier the DJT candidates could join the F4C/F4G competition on October 14th at AFB. Deelen.
11 pilots signed up, 9 showed up.

The day started early, for some pilots it is 1.5-2hrs drive (which is long distance for Dutch standards). Arrival was scheduled at 09.30, competition to start at 10ish. One thing was very quickly discovered by anyone present, it was a bitter cold day…

After building up the airplanes, and the needed paperwork for the administration, the competition got started only a little late. The wind and cold did not make for a quick program. But every pilot was able to make 2 flights, and have the plane static judged. The flight judges, who sit in seats, did not have a enjoyable day.

Some landings where not textbook due to the wind, but the day had little issues. Derk's F-16 sprung a leak, both in fuel and air system, but that could easily be fixed.
Gerald had some misfortune when at one approach the nosegear did not lock, so the air intake when on the runway, but luckily only minor damage.

At 17.00 the program was finished, and the six pilots where announced that will represent the Netherlands at the Jet World Masters 2013 in Meiringen, Switzerland.
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