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. Thursday August 22 2013

A very sunny day at the airbase. Most pilots either arrived, or are arriving today.
Many practice flights took place, the flying conditions in the morning are perfect. Little wind. Many people are suffering from engine issue, many flame outs, no start and loss of power.

There are no big incidents, yesterday we lost a plane after a landing incident. As most competitors are in, the day ends with a lineup of all models, for the static judges to see all models grouped together. This will determin the differences for each airplane type, and helps the judges in determining which model is just that little bit better. It can have an influence on the static score.

At the end of the day another teammanger meeting was called, and the countries drew the order for the competion. Overview will follow tomorrow, HongKong China will start with static judging tomorrow. Netherlands is early as wel, 4th.

The Dutch team is almost complete, today Gerald Rutten and Ranaan Wassen arrived, after Hans Hochgemuth arriving on wednesday morning.
Marijn Penninx is driving thru the night, to arrive Friday morning.