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. Sunday August 23 2015

This Sunday started real cold, although in the cots with thick blanket it sleeps warm. Luckilly, when we got up at 0700ish, the sun came up shortly after, and then it became a very warm day.
The day was all about the opening airshow, which started at 10:00 sharp, and lasted till 15:30. It was a very intersting show, with a very varied program, a mix of model planes and full scale. About 25000 spectators showed up today, hence the airshow, which had no incidents, was a great succes.

At the end of the day the teams collected in there team uniforms for the flag parade and opening ceremonie.
All nations marched to their flags, while cheered by the audiance and the German team as host nation. After a short speac the national hymnes were played, and then another 3 speeches, by the patron of the event, the major, and then Frank Dohrman, the organizer director. After some dificulties in the past week it must be mentioned that he and his team put down a very good organized event.

After all the ceremonies the first party evening started in the event tent, with live German music, and food from various booths.
After some beers, and meat on a stick, crepes and chips, the processing of some 5000+ pictures that have been made by various people had to be done, while Jim was writing his daily blog at Camp Holland. At 23:00 a trip to McD. to upload concludes a long, warm day. Note, the warm weather changed at 1700, some raindrops coming down, but lucky for the opening ceremony, the rain realy started not before 2000.

Tomorrow we start with the flying at 10:00 and the static at 11:30. With some luck, if organisation and weather don't change the agenda, all 3 Dutch pilots will fly tomorrow.

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