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. Saturday August 22 2015

Today the day started early, as the Dutch team had the first training slot starting at 10. Hans made two succesfull flights, Raanan and Bert both made 1 flight. Raanan's F-16 had some issue starting, but that got resolved.
Bert had an interesting takeoff, the plane accelerated slowly, and did not drive straight. The flight was good, but after landing he could not taxi back. It turned out that a brake had jammed, which caused the bad ground handling. During the day this issue got resolved.

The rest of the day other teams also did there practice flights, 2 incidents, Andy Andrews had an engine issue and a hrach landing with some damage to the gear. It is being addressed by the team of Stefan Volker so he can compete.
Also the belgium team had an incident, their Hunter received serious damage during a hard touch and go.

Later that day several large aircraft and models demonstrated, while the dutch team had a nice diner together in Camp Holland.

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