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. Wednesday August 26 2015

Wednesday was an easy day for the Dutch Team. We started the day with the birthday celebration of Han Kleijn, who also got the core of the Dutch Jet Team together 10 years ago when he participated at the JWM2005 in Hungary as only pilot, with Hans as caller, Donald as Helper and Ben as Manager.
To remember this milestone, Hans had prepared a little collage of the 2 JWM's that Han has flown (2005 and 2007) which was enough inspiration for Han to dust off his old F-100 and get it ready for 2017.
And we had cake ;-)

Today we only had one flight, the F-16 of Raanan. This flight went pretty well. The rest of the day went uneventfull, and pretty much in same slow order. The weather is holding strong, and Marco had a protion of hand cut Swiss potato chips (yes, this was all he could get up with when asked what happened during the day)

The wednesday evening was didicated for the IJMC meeting, some officials got reelected, and Italy presented itself as candidate, and was subsequently voted for.
Little snag, the Italian organizer has a few things to sort with the municipal, hence they asked for a 2 months delay. We can only keep our fingers crossed that they get the things done.