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. Frday August 28 2015

As a good tradition, life in New Amsterdam started slowly with a good breakfast. This morning we had the distinguist gentleman from Scotland, Mr. Bill Grimsley joining us, as temperature was quickly rising, and life is good in the shade and breeze.

The 3rd round is started, and this day the majority of round 3 will be flown.
Tomorrow the final 10, the best of each class will fly the finals.

Raanan flew his last round, the flight was not to bad. The rest of the day went by in blistering heat, temperature went over 30 degrees again, which is pretty hot if one is not used to it. Several people not flying went to neighboring lakes or swimming pool.

The day went without to many incidents, luckily no planes were lost.
Raimund Wehrle of Switzerland had again an issue with his undercariage of his "Orange Lion" F-16. Earlier this week during practice a main leg did not deploy, which meant a tricky landing on one main leg, this flight he lost a tire during take off. Raimund continued the flight and made a safe landing.

Burkhard Dotzauer of the German team made his last flight in JWM, after this round he will retire. Burkhard is also known for the first crash in JWM ever, 1995, the first JWM in Neu Ulm, Germany, he was the first contender who lost his plane.
Back then, all teammembers and other teams signed the wing, and it was auctioned of.
The owner returned this time with the wing, which was an interesting momento in the history of JWM.

In the evening, Marco did his miracles on the BBQ again, for a nice meal in the evening.

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