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. Sunday August 30 2015 - Thursday 3 September 2015

Sunday morning it was time to prepare for departure, which meant to tear dwown the camp, pack the cars and leave Luetkirc Airport. But not after enjoying a coffee and some good cake at the terrace, while enjoying the resumed flight opperations.

Sunday afternoon, Karin and Ben drove to Friedrichshaven to visit the Zeppelin Museum. It was very interesting to see.
Late that afternoon the drive continued towards Munich, as a visit to Dachau Memorial was planned.

Monday August 31 after a good breakfast, the camp and memorial site was visited.It is pretty impressive to see this horrible part of history

The drive north continued, and as there was no plan, it woul be a surprize to see what would come along.
Suddenly, coincidently within 10 minutes of mentioning it, the signs with legoland showed up. A stop was made, but a 41 euro entry fee per person made it a very short visit. It was already 1500, the park was to close at 1800.

The drive continued, and some villages further, a teddy bear museum showed up, which was visited. It was the famous Steiff, bears with a button in the ear. It was a funny museum.

A nice hotel was found, and during desert Karin indicated she would like to learn to fly.

Tuesday September 1 it was back on the road, and the received travel book from the hotel showed that we would pass by Wasserkuppe, famous for glider activities. It also has a glider museum, that also covers some RC history. Although the weather was deterirating, some activity was seen, which was nice to observe. After the museum visit the weather was worse, so all flying had halted.

The drive continued to Paderborn, where a hotel was found that had a medieval touch interior. Food was good, soup was served in a potato.

Wednesday September 2 started, after breakfast, with a visit to the Heinz Nixdorf museum, with the history of written langauge, presses, calculators and computers. A very interesting overview, and a big museum.

After being on the road again, another museum was found, the Tuchmacher Museum in Bramsche, where they produce yarn and weave blankets. It is an operational factory and museum in one. Interesting to see these old machines.
Cool was to see the old water turbine, nice change after a week of gas turbine.

That evening Karin and Ben arrived at the house of Karin's parents, so the tent and camping gear good be stored.
Karin also found a big box that was delivered that day, her first airplane

The next day Karin and Ben drove home, a 2 week trip had come to an end.

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