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. Thursday August 10 2017

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Comments by Kirill Agafonov (translated by google)

Well, the championship finally found its usual form of holiday.
Although the morning of this day was not optimistic. A Sharp, strong wind across the lane, the periodic rain did not have the flying of athletes, but it did not concern us :) so forward and with songs.

A dozen very and very stimulating nervous systems made vitaly. And after the model landed the last time without an adventure and by the will of the pilot, not the earth's gravity and the wind, the team relieved breathe and everyone went to lunch, while enjoying the practice of the "Midnight Hawks" group.
The guys apparently had a flight program, and they showed multiple repetitions of the same passages. He's a hornet. He's a hornet.

Meanwhile, in the hangar, it all came to the very sight of the to, when all the models were collected, the tables were sorted out and everything was ready for the beginning of The abundance of khanterov is striking. Just some species convention they had :) still smiling each other ;)

Tomorrow's official training starts at 8 am, but tonight we got a little bit of weather. Vitaly finally picked up a combat mig-29. Flying in the background of a very beautiful sunset. The whole romance of aviation in one bottle turned out

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