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12th Jet World Masters 2017, Jämijärvi, Finland

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This year the Dutch Jet Team will not be present at the Jet World Masters.

Still an attempt will be made to collect as many pictures from various people onsite in Finland to give a good overview.

Pictures by Claudia Westerholt, ASC Rusjet, JWM2017, IJMC France

Monday August 7 - Arrival of teams

Tuesday August 8 - Arrival of teams

Wednesday August 9 - Arrival of teams and training flights

Thursday August 10 - Arrival of teams and training flights

Friday August 11 - Arrival of teams and training flights

Saturday August 12 - Arrival of teams and training flights

Sunday August 13 - Opening ceremony and airshow

Monday August 14 - Competition day 1 - Flightround 1

Tuesday August 15 - Competition day 2 - Flightround 1, Nations Night

Thursday August 17 - Competition day 4 - Flightround 2 finished, runway photoshoot, start round 3

Friday August 18 - Competition day 5 - Round 3, finals.


Saturday August 19 - Awards Ceremony & Closing Banquet

Jet World Masters 2017 Event Videos

Video by RC Jet Scene

Video by Markus Nussbaumer

Video by ASC RusJet

Video by Siivet Wings

Video by others