. Saturday August 12 2017

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Comments from facebook by Yves van Cutsem

Yesterday 17:55 The training went not like expected, due a hard landing (very windy conditions ), the right leg was damaged. We start repairing. Parts need to be send from Italy. Could be a long weekend.

Yesterday 18:34 Broken leg. With plaster ,it will not heal after 6 weeks. ? express courier from Italy.

10:14 The plan is to reassembling the broken leg , just for static judging. Some parts are missing, so we will rebuild it from plywood. A new leg is on his way : Milan to London, London to Brussel, pickup in Brussel by my wife Bianca, then she fly to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tampere, then to Jamijarvi. Many , many thanks to Bruno and Ilse, and pilot Guidotti for flying the parts to Brussels in one night.

13:56 Just for static, now sanding and painting

15:02 Primer is drying

17:55 Painted ! We start reassembling.

23:30 Job done !